First there is always an idea, an emotion, sometimes vague sometimes on the contrary insistent. But the veritable adventure begins with the canvas, this so smooth and so white surface that needs to come to life.

I never have preconceived idea of what will be carried out.

I enter somehow in a kind of intoxication, I let the Unknown within me show me the way . I follow then the ancestral impulses of my hand. I welcome the Unexpected. 

I work with the materials which are within reach: newspapers, papers, plaster, sand, spatulas, brushes and colors naturally.

Once the first collage made, the first thickening executed, the canvas suddenly stops being docile. It wakes up, often in an anarchic way and sometimes it comes to my mind that it is it which decides of the follow up that will be given.

So I let myself be driven by the imperfections of the surface, I investigate its meanderings.

I love working the texture, the movement, the color, I like also to use letters, figures, fragments of sentences cut here and there from newspapers. I am inspired by the world I live in, I express my emotions, my questions as well…

I am particularly sensitive to the Human being concerns, his values, his relationship to the other one...

My journeys, my encounters, my experiences feed me and drive my creativity, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

I enjoy the idea offering to see a painting which talks by itself, but without really knowing what it teaches us. A painting which would seem familiar but never totally decrypted.

It is important to me to leave the free interpretation to those who hear its echo.

I shall just add that this intoxication that comes over me while painting, does not exclude at all the imperfections, the hesitations, the errors, the accidents which can be seen here and there on my canvas.

These are human failures and that’s to my point of view what gives life to the painting…Living paintings, alive as I am…